Life and Accidents insurance

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Life insurance

Depending on your economic situation, it may be advisable for you to sign up for life insurance to guarantee the financial stability of your family in case of death. Also, before signing a mortgage agreement, we recommend that you ask us about the options you have, since we monitor that it is decreasing, economical and covers your current needs.

Legally, it is not mandatory to sign up for life insurance with a mortgage in Spain, but the banks do ask for it as an essential requirement. Before signing anything, contact us: you can decide how and from whom you want purchase your insurance.

It depends on many factors such as the age, profession, and state of health of the policyholder or the amount of insured capital.

There are many types: decreasing, temporary, single premium, those with financial benefits…contact our experts and we will advise you on what is best for you.

Accident insurance with disability coverage

Do you know the real coverage offered by accident insurance?

There are many differences between these two products, but primarily, life insurance could be compared with a fully comprehensive police while accident insurance only pays out in case of death or disability as a result of an accidental event (except for heart attack, no illness would be covered).

The main types of coverage of accident insurance are death and disability (total and absolute). In addition, depending on the cause of death or of disability, the level of cover purchased can be doubled or tripled.

Accidental death insurance

Because you do not know under what economic conditions you will have to face a burial.

Accidental death insurance is also known as “insurance of the dead”. It is a type of policy that covers all expenses related to the funeral of the beneficiary   ? burial and civil or religious ceremonies   ? up to the limit of the insured capital.

Accidental death insurance allows the relatives or friends of the beneficiary to access all the resources needed for the organization of the funeral. In this way, they will not have to worry about bureaucratic procedures or issues with financing the arrangements. In the case of not having accidental death insurance, a funeral costs between 4,500 and 6,000 euros depending on the area.

In addition to the management and payment of all the services related to the funeral and other expenses such as the coffin or burial or incineration services, some accidental death insurance policies are beginning to include coverage for relevant services such as psychological care for grief, the possibility of writing the will online or the service that includes the termination of the online presence. Accidental death insurance also includes repatriation coverage for the insured in case of death outside the country.

The best accidental death insurance is one that offers the most professional service when the time comes, which is able to adapt to what the client has requested in life: type of coffin, catering, obituaries, etc. At Costa Serra only work with the best and most valued insurance companies.

Yes, but you can only sign up for it with one single payment.

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