Insurance for the self-employed

Disability or incapacity insurance for the self-employed. Could you make it through the month on 259 euros in case of illness or accident?

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What does freelance insurance with sickness or temporary disability cover include?

The freelance insurance with sickness or temporary disability cover fixes a daily subsidy that will help you to cover your expenses when you cannot go to work as a result of an accident or an illness with medical justification.

What amount of subsidy is it advisable to sign up for?

The daily amount of subsidy advisable to sign up for as a freelancer can vary greatly. At Costa Serra we help you to set this amount by carrying out a study of the daily expenses that you have as an entrepreneur (office rent, telephone, self-employed quota) and in your personal life (mortgage or rent of housing, food, family obligations, etc.).

Types of sickness or temporary disability freelance insurance cover.

On the market there are basically two types of sickness or temporary disability freelance insurance: those that calculate the subsidy to receive each day according to a scale and those that cover a fixed daily amount. At Costa Serra we recommend choosing the second option and take out the policy with a specialized company that truly covers your economic needs, in order to avoid unexpected surprises.

Advantages of being a client of Costa Serra

We work with a specialized company that compensates you with the amount agreed for each day you are out of work, hassle-free.

We carry out a free study of the coverage you need so that you can ensure you are covered for the exact income that you need, no more and no less.

You will have direct contact with one of our expert advisors.

Avoid headaches in your insurance up to 100%

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