Construction insurance

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What does construction insurance cover?

Construction insurance covers accidental or unpredictable damages that may occur during the construction. It is important to adapt the policy to the characteristics of the jobs that are to be carried out. The expert advisors at Costa Serra will help you throughout the whole process.

Does construction insurance cover the construction equipment?

Yes, if it’s specified in your policy. At Costa Serra we audit your risks and look for the insurance company that offers the most complete coverage for your needs.

Is construction insurance mandatory?

By law, when the construction work is finished, all construction companies must sign up for at least a ten-year insurance policy to be able to respond economically to the possible demands of third parties during the 10 years of the guarantee of work.

Advantages of being a client of Costa Serra

We know the regulations very well, and we recommend you the insurance that protects you from the specific risks of your own construction and building works.

We work with companies that, in the event of a loss, make the payment quickly and easily.

With a personal advisor you can contact whenever you want.

Avoid headaches in your insurance up to 100%

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