Cyber insurance

Damage from viruses and computer attacks are excluded from most insurance, so what will you do if this happens in your company?

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What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance was created as a response to the growing number of computer crimes by professional hackers or by company employees as a result of negligence, carelessness or forgetfulness. Its objective is to protect the company from the possible damage that may arise, whether economic or related to online reputation. In addition, cyber insurance also protects against cyber damage that may be caused to a third party.

Which types of coverage are provided by cyber insurance?

Does my company need to have cyber insurance?

If your company has a web page or depends on the comments that third parties can make on the internet, you need cyber insurance to protect you from possible attacks that you may experience. Cybercriminals attack servers and/or computers in multiple ways.

Some of the most well-known crimes that can affect your company are:

Advantages of being a client of Costa Serra

At Costa Serra we carry out an audit of your company to determine the risks, no obligation.

We look after your online reputation.

You will have the direct contact of a personal advisor whom you can contact whenever you wish.

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