Travel insurance for companies

What happens if one of your employees becomes ill abroad?

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Why is it important to have travel insurance for your company?

Globalization causes our companies to seek business abroad. If this is the case for your company, signing up for travel insurance for your workers is important, not only for peace of mind that they will receive the best medical assistance needed, but to know that they will have support in case of any other event such as travel cancellation, theft, loss of luggage, etc.

What are the types of coverage of travel insurance for companies?

Apart from international medical or health care, some of the most important guarantees of travel insurance for companies are theft and repatriation coverage.

How does travel insurance for companies work?

Travel insurance for companies works as a collective policy, so that different workers are added or excluded when needed, whether it’s 24 hours, a week or a year. At Costa Serra we help you to manage your travel insurance easily and quickly.

How much does travel insurance for companies cost?

The rates of travel insurance for companies are cheaper than those for tourists. In addition, as a form of collective insurance, the prices per policy are reduced.

Advantages of being a client of Costa Serra

At Costa Serra we carry out a study of your company to offer you the travel insurance that fits you best, no obligation.

We assign you one of our expert managers with whom you can be in contact whenever you wish.

We ensure that you have the guarantees that matter most to you, such as the best international healthcare.

Avoid headaches in your insurance up to 100%

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