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Home and second residence insurance

At Costa Serra we work with all first-rate insurers and, therefore, we are able to offer you a tailored home insurance coverage, with the best quality/price ratio according to your needs.

The buildings cover of your home takes care of everything that would not fall off if you turned your flat over: the walls, roof, floor, electrical installations, etc. Tthe contents coverage instead includes all of your personal items, furniture, appliances, etc.

The value of the building for home insurance is what it would cost you to redo your flat or your house in case of total loss (without counting the value of the land). Similarly, to calculate the value of the contents of your home, you  add up what it would cost to replace all your personal belongings. If you do not accurately calculate the value of the building or contents you may be paying too much for your insurance or, even worse, you may not truly be protected in case of loss.

Yes, there is often overlap between the two policies: your community’s insurance can cover common damages (of all the neighbours) and private damages (yours). At Costa Serra, we review the contract you have in your community to determine what cover you need for your home insurance.

It is true that home insurance usually covers theft, but it is also true that the amount they cover is usually lower than the value of today’s mobile phones. At Costa Serra we help you get the home insurance with the coverage you really need in case of loss. In addition, we have special insurance for mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.

Landlords’ insurance

If you have a rented flat:

If you have an empty flat:

If you are a tenant you will be interested in signing up for a home policy to protect your belongings (personal items, furniture, appliances, etc.) and a tenants’ liability policy in case you accidentally cause any damage in the property.

At Costa Serra we recommend signing up for this insurance with a specialized company that responds quickly in case of non-payment of the rental fee, vandalism or squatting.

If your tenant does not pay their rent, it is necessary that you inform us during the first 30 days from when non-payment occurs. At Costa Serra, your personal advisor will guide you easily and quickly through all the necessary procedures.

Unless otherwise specified in the rental agreement, the owner usually takes care of the buildings cover and the tenant of the contents. As a precaution, tenants should also take out a tenants’ liability insurance policy to protect themselves from accidental damage they may cause to the property. Also, if as a tenant you have done improvement works, it is advisable that you take out home insurance with contents cover for the value of the renovations.

Community insurance

Community insurance with non-payment coverage

Some of the most advantageous community insurance covers are those for fire, water damage and civil liability. At Costa Serra we carry out a free survey of your community to determine the risks, and we find the insurance company with the best guarantees and conditions.

In the Autonomous Communities of Madrid and Valencia it is mandatory to have community insurance with fire coverage and civil liability. In the rest of Spain it is voluntary unless is indicated otherwise in the statutes of the neighbourhood community.

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