Credit and Surety insurance

We study your case and make sure that you are protected against all needed eventualities.

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What is credit insurance? And surety?

Credit insurance is the guarantee that you will be paid despite possible customer defaults. Surety insurance, on the other hand, replaces the bank guarantees in case you have to work with the administration.

Why is credit insurance necessary?

Credit insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you will maintain your billing despite possible cases of default by your customers. In addition, this type of insurance includes the service of an analysis of your client portfolio so that you can detect dangerous risks to the growth of your company, in a timely fashion.

Advantages of being a client of Costa Serra

We work with a specialized company that compensates you with the amount agreed for each day you are out of work, hassle-free.

We carry out a free study of the coverage you need so that you can ensure you are covered for the exact income that you need, no more and no less.

You will have direct contact with one of our expert advisors.

Avoid headaches in your insurance up to 100%

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