Insurance for companies

You know your company very well, but can you read the fine print of your insurance?

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Insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises

Insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises

At Costa Serra we are experts in the regulations that affect your small and medium-sized company. Therefore, we can recommend you the best insurance. Some of the insurance policies that may be of special interest to you are those of accident insurance, liability insurance or multi-risk insurance.

Every company is different and that is why each should have its own personalized insurance. If you do not know if you need insurance for your company or what your risks are as a business person, at Costa Serra we will advise you, no obligation.

When talking about insurance, it does not matter what is the size of the company but the risks it faces. It is advisable to choose the protection that suits you the best.

Insurance for hotels

Do you know which coverage is most suitable for the risks faced by your hotel?

To put it simply, hotel insurance is a mix between multi-risk company insurance and home insurance.

The basic coverage of hotel insurance includes fire, theft, water damage, electrical damage, civil liability and loss of benefits. Also, at Costa Serra we inform you of the most complete coverage so that your guests have the maximum guarantees when they are on your premises.

Shopping centre and strip mall insurance

You know the value of your business, but could you determine the risks?

The main coverage of shopping centre and strip mall insurance

includes: fire, water damage, electrical damage, civil liability, loss of profits, etc. At Costa Serra we help you to determine which guarantees you need.

Shops and small business insurance quotes

In the case of a major disaster, are your fixed expenses covered?

To be able to compare different small business insurance quotes, the first thing you should know is what risks you should protect your business from. At Costa Serra we know all of the small business insurance companies on the market so that we can choose which one is best for you.

Among others, small business insurance serves to protect your assets and to ensure you a monthly income so that a loss does not deprive you of continuing with your business activity.

Small business insurance policies have specific coverage to protect the particular risks of each activity. At Costa Serra we help you to sign up for a specially-tailored policy.

Kidnapping and rescue insurance

Unfortunately, kidnapping cases are increasing every year in certain areas of Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. At Costa Serra, we know the risks you face as a business person in full international expansion, and we ensure that you have the best protection when you or the other company executives are traveling.

Kidnapping insurance is a protection that is usually bought for executives or businessman travelling abroad. Thanks to this insurance, in case of kidnapping, the beneficiary is provided with a team of expert advisors who lead the release procedures.

The price of kidnapping insurance varies depending on many factors, such as the risk-level of the country, the number of people to be insured and the type of company to be insured. If the person or company that wants to sign up for the insurance has already experienced a kidnapping, for example, then the fee will be more expensive.

In general, purchasing kidnapping insurance is advisable for anyone who is travelling to a high-risk country, but in particular, companies that send their executives and employees to do business in these areas are especially susceptible to kidnapping.

Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are some of the countries where there is a greater necessity for kidnapping insurance. Be careful, however, because some policies exclude specific areas of Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Algeria, Libya and the Philippines, among others.

Kidnapping insurance usually covers the rescue operation in case of a kidnap, extortion and illegal detention. Some of the most frequent types of coverage are:

  • Proportion and payment of the services of an expert mediation team
  • Payment of ransom
  • Compensation in case of death or disability
  • Medical expenses
  • Asset loss
  • Repatriation
  • Psychological support and other additional expenses

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